The reason I’m able to pursue my dreams:My Mom & Dad

She could never deny me if she tried, huh?
They reside in a little town called Lone Oak, TX. This is the town that I grew up in. Yep, that population is a true story.

My parents work hard and deserve all the pay off. They have always taught me the value of hard work and making early sacrifices, which is a principle that continues to pay off exponentially in my life. They would never let me starve, but have allowed me to experience lack for the sake of it. It is because of them that I have such a balanced perspective on life,…”two paths diverged in the woods..”, if you will; and they have always pushed me to dream without limits. I could never be more grateful for who they are and who they have allowed me to become. I owe my love of outdoors- camping, rock climbing, surfing, sailing, you name it- to my family that was built through and around these things. Siblings included – they’re some of the coolest people I know. Two of my sisters I don’t have a photo of – great girls, nevertheless.

How I got “Cool Auntie” status: All My Hoodlums

So my siblings are prolly the coolest people I know becasue they continue to populate our small town with the absolute cutest kids I know! There was a time when there was one. Just one. Trevor. We were all completely obsessed. Then there were two. Trevor and Zebriah. They were the cutest pair. Zebriah was my right hand girl. Then came her little brother Hazel, who I promptly won over with Little Debbie snacks. Yes, that is a full bag of chips in front of him – these are the things that gain “coolest auntie” status… full bags of chips in the middle of the kitchen, eating the cookie dough, chocolate milk at bedtime, among other things. Basically everything that is against the rules when they’re at home. And presents on non-holidays. So any - ways, there were three of the cute little guys and then all of the sudden – BOOM – there were 11. Yep, 10 plus the newbie. Trev,Zebriah, Faith, Angel, Emily, Hazel, Luke, Emory, Caleb, Alex and Allen. Um ya, I know what you’re thinking: whoa mamm-jamma! You are correct. I couldn’t be more in love!

Where I claimed my roots: East Texas

It is in this place that I was raised, shot my first gun, ran around in the woods, learned the value of a good football game, became a “small town girl” and all that that entails in between. I love big city life, but will always be a small town girl at heart.

Where I claimed myself: Free Life Chapel

It is in this place that I found who I am and why I am on this earth, where I stopped caring about what everyone wanted from me, and where I began taking the path less traveled. And yes, for those curious, it truly has made all the difference. It is here that I truly found God – not church, not religion, not weird extremes – and have been the co-star of an amazing love story ever since.

Where I learned the harvest in serving and sacrifice; and how to create a balanced and fabulous life: My pastors, Scott Thomas & Cindy Thomas

You know, It is such a different love when people CHOOSE to love you, and I am not sure I will ever be finished expressing my gratitude for the role that these two have chosen to take in my life- as family, mentors and spiritual shepherds. They are not easily impressed and they have taught me so much about life, forgiveness and balanced living – in relationships, business, family and ministry – and I am grateful for the platform they give me to laugh, live and dream at Free Life Chapel, with the community of Lakeland and with the FLC youth group. Check them  out- Free Life Chapel: Sunday’s at the Lakeland Center- 10AM. I could never be more honored than to be a child of this house and product of this ministry. Great soil, I’m tellin’ ya. They have a pretty cool son too, Caleb. He’s a great little brother and is a pretty decent football player if I do say so myself (and I do) but what I love most is that Caleb is aware of other people around him and uses his own confidence to lift them up.  I just can’t get enough of that kid.

So many others who make my world go ’round: My Friends

There are so many people who are so great in my life. No photos because there obviously isn’t room for all of them, and then people will start being all like ‘see I knew she didn’t like me, she didn’t even put me on her blog picture thing’. And well, that’s just annoying so don’t do it. And the good thing is, you all know who you are! Here’s to crazy adolescence, late night Starbucks dates, girl’s nights and venting.

My current location: Danita’s Children

This place is changing my life – What I want. What is important. What all of that looks like for my future. These women are changing my life – They are some of the purest examples of walking in the fruits of the spirit that I’ve ever seen. They aren’t moved by much and I admire that. These kids are changing my life - what strength looks like. They are truly the image of God creating beautiful futures out of dust. Truly the definition of hope. I feel honored and humbled and consistently more grateful than I ever knew possible. It’s  funny how we pray for  things and then want to run away from them whenever God answers our prayers? Each day that I’m here is a little less that I want to be anywhere else.

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