preparing for summer months

There’s so much to do in order to have the months to come all worked out. Anyone who knows me, knows that i’m a list kind of girl. There are lots of great things going on this summer. I am taking a couple of summer courses at SEU, photography this term and Life of Christ next term. Photography has been amazing so far, I’m learning some really amazing skills. The class is letting me borrow a Canon digital Rebel for the class time, which is just amazing. I want on one so bad now, but they run from $500, so ya… not anytime soon :(. June will be the Outback event at Tiger Town. We are feeding 500 people Outback and 50 of those people are young kids who will be able to attend the baseball game with us, have a meet and greet with the Lakeland Flying Tigers, and get little baseball shirts. We have been planning for forever it seems like, but it’s almost up. Then July is where the craziness begins. Two weeks or so in, will be the CUFI summit in Washington, D.C. for some good lobbying time. It’s always fun and I feel so American letting my Senator know what’s up!! After the summit, I am flying home from Washington for a week to see my family. I am so excited for that, there are lots of changes to arrive to. Some great and some I have to remember where God has brought me from, how great and faithful he is, and that he loves everyone else just as much as me! My nieces and nephews are the cutest darn things, they have me wrapped around each little finger! There are two newbies that I haven’t met yet, Luke and Emory, both will be about 2 months old when I meet them. After my visit there, I will be flying out of Dallas and heading toward JFK in NY to meet back up with CUFI. From JFK we are heading to Poland for a March of Remembrance trip. This is much like the “March of the Living” trip, where Jewish people from all around the world gather together to remember that they have made it. But our group will be traveling across Poland and into Jerusalem, looking at the past, present, and future of the Jewish people. After 200 years of anti-semitism, as Christians it is our responsibility to build a bridge again, stand with the Jewish people, and REMEMBER a past, so that it will never be repeated. Poland holds concentration camps of the Holocaust, which we cannot afford to forget in this day. I am so excited for this trip, but there is so much to be done in the mean time. I am trying to work, work, work, so I can make lots of extra money and maybe buy a Canon Digital Rebel when it’s all said and done 😉 (no, actually the Nikon SLR are better anyway… and cheaper)

…this girl has got to get ready for her day… finally at noon! (i’ve been up since 9, just laying in my bed writing and working…. what a life, huh??)

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