If it Talks Like a Duck, Walks Like a Duck…

Today started out soooo tired!! We had a wake up call at 6:30AM, and headed over to the convention center soon after for, what we thought was a needed session for us. Not to mention that the day just didn’t start out right, when I was putting on my outfit and realized the horror! (I had a last minute switch of black shoes while packing when I realized how much walking I would be doing and whenever I put the official outfit together…bumm, bumm, bumm- I was wearing a vest with SILVER buttons and shoes with BIG, GOLD buckles!!!! ugghhhhh… awful!) However, it was about the talking points for the next days meeting, but once we got there, there were no seats and the constant reminder that I had no sleep, So I opted out of that session for a little more sleep time. Once I got back to the room, I was so excited to sleep, but was woken up just a little later to say that I needed to hurry back because they we’re looking for us… our group of students.. so I jumped out of bed, dressed again, rushed back and realized that my legs were so dry in my capri pants (Charlene apparently thinks that white girls can’t be ashy, but I beg to differ…) So basically I had to grab my boxed lunch, which I didn’t get to eat at the time.. and arrived late, so I got the last choice- vegetarian lunch. Once I got in, we found out that we would be representing a District in an appointment with a Florida Congressman! Then all I could think was, that’s what I get for skipping the session about the appointment talking points! After that worked out, I worked the CUFI on Campus table for a few minutes, still not eating my lunch, and talked to my Dad pretty much the whole time. He bought a FORD truck and i am not sure how I feel about it! But, it isn’t soap box time yet so ignore that subject! We had a Middle East briefing after lunch, where I finally was able to eat my [vegeterian] lunch, which included a cheese sandwhich, brownie, chips, and nasty potato salad! The session was awesome, there were a few speakers, who were very passionate and practical about the foreign oil sanctions etc.. At the end of the session we had a live online feed with Israel’s Prime Minister, Netenyahu. It was a great sesion… during it, one of the speakers was talking about the enrichment of uranium and that if we wait too long, it will be too late for negotiations, and that American’s need to not be niave to that… that “if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck….” 🙂 I was cracking up… some of you may not get that, but others will be smiling! Once we left there, we had to get ready for the banquet, which included a nap as well. The Night to Honor Israel was awesome.. there were some seating issues, but our table had a great time and our video was viewed by over 4,000 people! One of the pictures is that, but the lighting is awful because it’s taken with my phone.. you can see me on the screen on the right. Dennis Prague and Senator Leiberman were speakers. After it was over, we are all so tired, not wanting to do much, so we retired early to our room in order to get an early rest for the morning… which I may have defeated that purpose by staying up so late anyway, but it’s all good- so much to come this summer and I’m so grateful and excited! I get to see my Aunt and cousins in 2 DAYS!! I’m so excited, and will be meeting with Congressman Bucanan at 11:30AM so pray for us!

the rest has escaped me!



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