Catching Up.

Tomorrow starts another destination on this journey…. on to New York for Shabbat dinner, spend the night, then heading to Poland. I am getting so excited for Poland, trying to prepare emotionally for a sobering few days of education and history. The past two days have been full of fun and family. Tuesday I took Trevor -by himself- to Greenville for shopping (he picked out a transformer that is “just way hard to transform” and a G.I. Joe backpack with Snake Eyes on it! After shopping, we had lunch at Chili’s where I got to see a friend from High School who is doing so fabulously!! It was really good to see her, she is so happy and I am so happy for her to be finding her way!! Trev loved his “alone time”.. I’m sure at some point, they all become lost in the sea of grandkids, they always want attention without dividing it between 7 others. After we got back, my Mom and Dad and I went to eat dinner in Rockwall at a great Mexican restaurant!! Yesterday was full of shopping and hanging out in Dallas with my Mom.. I got a GREAT surprise, a new camera for my trip!! But I still have to play with it and see if it’s the one I want.. I saw lots in different reviews and some photos so far are a little grainy.. We will see… so that’s about it, I got to see my brother, and will go see him again today prolly… and everyone came out for dinner last night. I love it when our family gets together.. there are so many of us and it’s always a good time!! I will miss them until I see them again… but God is good and there is so much ahead… and in the back of my mind, i’m thinking- omg! School starts sooooo soon!! 🙂 I’ll be updating from the next destination- NYC!!!



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