Travel Time


today we booked into the hotel and I’m ready to go back to sleep! Yesterday was lectures in the morening, then headed to JFK for travel time… our flight left at 6:30 which meant 2 hours in the airport waiting, reading People magazine – Saved by the Bell had a 20 year reunion! ilove that show! Our flight was 9 hours long with no sleeping. I switched seats into the middle section with Kristen and Victor. The man in front of me had his head in my lap so I barely slept. We jumped ahead 6 hrs which landed us at 9:45AM- and just the right time to tour all day apparently! We didn’t even see our hotel until 4:30 PM. So in 2 day old clothes and through a delirious fog, I saw the old city of Warsaw, which was beautiful.. with great ice cream! and homemade cones! We also went to a Jewish cemetery with a mass grave in it. that was the first thing that hit my heart and took me out of vacation mode. We finally got to our hotel and I layed on top of my covers waiting for my roommate, thinking, 9 hrs of flying and 7 more of walking, lets just rest my eyes a bit then I’ll shower and refreshen for dinner. The next thing I know is the fire alarm is going off- no wait.. that’s our phone.. waking me up out of a dead sleep 4 hours later! The voice on the other end was saying all sorts of things, i’m still not sure what. Thinking itwas morning, I was glancing through the sheer curtains thrying to figure it all out, she was saying- everyone is downstairs.. you missed dinner. come down. And all I could think was WHAT! They’re waiting for us? like to leave for the day?.. dinner? O wait, we’re in Poland, poor girl just is confused with the words breakfast and dinner. I hung up, still confused, and my roommate, what was asleep as well, took her intinerary out and saw another event lined up for right after dinner. Christian Zionist speakers from Poland. greattttttt…

Finally our day is over.. others are going out.. me too… on a date- with my dreams! How cheesy was that??

Last on my mind- every one of my convictions are being tested right now, it’s crazy.. what is a standard? What is conviction? I keep reminding myself..

..Righteousness is righteousness, no matter the circumstances.

Goodnight! (I wanted to be cool and write it in Polish, but I don’t know how)



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