It has truly been awhile blogspot.. life has made a 180 recently, ok maybe a 90 or a 65 or so, but either way it’s all different and I’m not walking quite in the same direction as usual. Still focus and such, just with my eyes a little wider and my heart a little guarded. I purposefully chose not to document these things, for the reason that I didn’t want to revisit the wounds also known as the last 6 months or so…

No need to keep them living and try to walk away from them at the same time, it’s kind of like people.. they die, but the essence of their life lives forever. Events are over and gone, but the result that they had on my life we’re beyond words..

forgiveness is such an interesting thing.. I put off picking up the pencil again (isn’t today’s technology hilarious? so much for a journal.. but i’ll use the analogy anayways) for the fear that I would express words and emotions that would paint me as foolish later. So I would rather express silence until the words that I have are truly those of my hearts desire and intent, not the rantings of a hurting and betrayed young mind.

There has been so much greatness in the last 6 months as well, but for the sake of time and not being late for the first day of my next class, the details of my personal interations and events over the ending of this year will stay hidden away in the personal book that only I get to read.. too deep for the average Joe to handle ;)…ok maybe not, I just wanted to sound cool.

Some great relationships have grown ending 2009, that I wouldn’t trade for the world.. even to take away the other situations, if that is what it was for, I’ll take it 🙂 and others have been taken away, for reason that I’m still trying to understand.. but all in all, God is still wonderous, and 2010 is looking fabulous! I’m loving Psalms 43-The Message says it best in v. 18 and 19… HE’S DOING SOMETHING BRAND NEW!! AND I’M READY FOR IT!

So that’s that, I’m keeping another blog for a class of mine, but I haven’t decided the topic yet, any ideas?

off to Advanced Expository Writing.. isn’t that a scary name??!


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