@FreeLifeChapel… Kind of the place to be! Just saying.

No matter how rested or tired I am, there is a certain serenity that comes with the early morning twilight. I never make noise or turn on any lights until at least 8AM, for sake of ruining it. Like an animal who spooks easily.

Plus, it takes too much effort.

The eyes appreciate the time of adjustment.

And the soul appreciates the time of silence.

3:30AM: WAKE UP CALL- aka the iPad “Sleep” app- song selection: Trent Cory- “Awesome Wonder”. Love that song.

(The boys who are beginning set-up whenever I arrive at 5 will later make fun of me for this.. apparently they all wake up half an hour before call time). Whatever.

I will say that my lesson is learned, however, not because I was tired all day, but  because my full hair and make-up were smudged and gross by the time service actually started at 10am- get more sleep and look fresh still by bringing make-up to apply during down time. Noted.

Ironically, whenever a nights sleep consists of 3 or so hours it seems like a lot more, versus like 6 hours where the alarm goes off and it’s exhausting just to open up the baby blues and stretch. “Awesome Wonder” and the coffee maker timer start the beat of an early morning and my feet hit the floor rather awake, yet so tired. Nothing a couple cups of joe can’t cure. And I’m not even really a coffee drinker at home, but when Teavana is all empty, coffee is just as well to wake-up to. Or better known as a cup of milk with a little coffee added for caffeine.

4: 45AM: HOME- By this time I’ve had a full worship set in my studio and Super Bowl Sunday is kicking off just right. Coffee keeps coming (or caffeine milk? Whichever works.) and I’m out the door. There is nothing I love more than being outside before the sun is up. It’s still and serene, with just enough light to not have to squint. It reminds me of being at home in small town, Texas, 20 miles away from the city, where if no one talks it is just silent. No background noise. Which is rare in Lakeland. I have learned that police officers and fire trucks and EMT’s and all the other sirened vehicles are popular in Lakeland. I mean it’s no New York City, but it is rare that I am not hearing some form of them, at least in the distance. Whenever I step out on this brisk Sunday morning I already feel productive, one of those things where you stand for a second and breathe in real deep because there is much to anticipate. It also makes me want to exercise (those two little ladies power walking toward Lake Hollingsworth were determined if I’ve ever seen determination) because those are the true troopers, getting it done before life can give them excuses.

5AM: THE LAKELAND CENTER- My job for the day is to label all the props and print “this belongs to” type labels for each person who brought them, assist in setting up, deliverying the last of the “team Free Life” jerseys and then later working the table for volunteers. The stage crew are already hard at work and I, 1. hear a lot of falling pieces of iron (or whatever the metal is made out of) and 2. am immediately grateful to work with a team who are so truly and humbly dedicated to servanthood.

My office for the morning. Please refrain from jealousy.

7AM: McDONALD’S- time for a breakfast run. A million McMuffins, 85 bagels, 54 orange juices, 42 waters, 87 coffees, and 1 large half-and-half sweet tea for the guy in charge. Just call me superwoman, go ahead. All orders taken on my iPad, just for those wondering. Just saying. Ok, so those numbers may be exaggerated a tad. But it was a lot. O ya, and a ton of hash browns. The girls at McDonald’s are a lot nicer in the early morning. I’m not really a big fan of McDonald’s (ok, I never go there, ever) but I do know how the food industry works and I guess there’s less time for rude people to come in and give them a bad attitude.

Kudos to McDonald’s at Southgate Shopping Plaza.

By the time I get back volunteer’s are arriving, I pass Pastor Rick on my way in and realize that I forgot to get his order (sorry, Pastor Rick), and I feel like half the day is over already. Shocker how much gets done with such an early wake-up call. I am sad that I drank all my caffeinated milk, but water it is- better that way too. I really don’t need to get into a coffee habit (note to self- get a tea refill asap). Breakfast distribution center in my office, and by the time that is over, cleaning up of the trash.

9AM: All is labeled (thank you Coach Alonzo and Tenor Roc High School for all the football gear) and on to the volunteer table.

I love listening to sound check on Sunday mornings. Like a pre-party.

I must throw in a side note here, only because she is working the volunteer table also, and, well, because I threatened her life. Desiree Brown is sporting the most AMAZING jersey EVER. Show-off. Um…I mean… so talented. Look closely- she covered the entire thing with bling. Not just any ole bling, but colored bling to match the colors on the jersey. Check her out and maybe she’ll hook you up too (for a pretty penny, of course). I had a moment of outrage, but I quickly contained myself after I realized that I’m not invisible.

We also decide that the gun show down the hall should be our next location to visit so that Des can get her permit and then we can go to the open range and shoot guns. Not just a gun, like machine guns! Like tommy guns! The guy that came with his rifle agrees that this is a good idea. Came for the gun show, not for Free Life. Just to be clear 🙂


Set-Up: check

Breakfast: check

Labels: check

Jerseys: check

Steal Des’ jersey: check

Volunteers and The Current Super Bowl tickets: check

9:55AM: ARENA- Let the countdown begin and HERE WE GO!


Happy Super Bowl Sunday folks!

Go Green Bay!

Until Next Time-

Love, Hope.


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