I am Me.

I found this poem in my computer files that I wrote a long time ago, a Sophomore in High School actually.

Cracked me up because it is so me. Still. And I love seeing how God is moving and working in my life, even since then.

My father loved my mother, that’s how I was born.
My father then loved another, so their love was torn.
Two families came together, and made me who I am today.
Without them I wouldn’t make sense, not in any way.

With that, I am me.

I’m a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a friend. A niece, a cousin, an aunt. a god-mother and sister-in-law. I’m a lover-not a fighter, but I do believe in war. A christian- Woman of God. A student, a teacher. An optimist, perfectionist, and analyst. I’m a republican, a conservative, and a hopeless romantic.

I’m a young girl and a grown woman.

I am confident yet humble, scared yet courageous. I am full of love and hope. I am broken yet whole. Eager yet content. I’m not perfect and i’m learning to be ok with that. I am lazy yet determined. I trust too easily and am such a girl. I have big dreams and even bigger expectations. I have a fear of failure and a need for perfection. I keep a smile on the outside, even if i’m dying on the inside. I cry over everything except my feelings. I think of others happiness before my own. I believe in true love, but not at first sight.

I am everything and nothing all at once.

i am me.

2 thoughts on “I am Me.

    1. Prolly a little bit of that in every girl 🙂 funny how I read that years later and thought, “omg! That is so me still” lol

      Thanks for reading!

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