Attention – We’re Gettin’ Spicey!

O ladies, O ladies!

Public Service Announcement: Free Life Chapel is amazing.

 Just in case I have never said it before.

And I don’t say that lightly. Like, I moved out of the state in order to be in the guts of what they are about.

They’re THAT cool.

Cindy Thomas, lead pastor of Free Life Chapel, and her team of fabulous ladies (ahem, me) have done it once again – prepared and delivered a delicious feast before the FLC ladies… literally, it was a dessert party.

The young girls were invited as well and I loved seeing that engagement between generations, many of them even coming early to help set-up and serve all the way through. *big shout out to my youth girls, Valeria and Laurie!*


The event started with a game where each lady had a card with an animal on it and they had to find all the other women in their “herd” according to the noise that their animal made.

I had no idea that animals made so many different versions of their sound.


Pastor Cindy delivered a beyond amazing, hilarious, timely message about character and the purpose of the women of Free Life, to be spicey and to add flavor to our world. And to sometimes get together and eat lots of dessert.

I love that she made the point that it isn’t our job to condemn the world, but to just be “salty”, to make our culture thirsty, to see what we have and want it.

To just be the best version of ourselves.

And that’s it. Not that deep.

Each table had four bowls of different types of spices that resembled different characterisitcs

and each woman had a little bag to combine their own combo of spices that met their personality.

It was a great way to introduce the new ladies ministry of Free Life Chapel – “Spice!”

I couldn’t help but sing Spice Girls, “Spice Up Your Life”, like the whole time.

So excited for all that is to come and the next Lisa Bevere that is on the rise! Just saying.

 P.S. Shout out to the men of Free Life Chapel who so humbly served the ladies as greeters. It set such a great atmosphere of servanthood.


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