Heading Out.

Ok, so im in the back seat of a Honda C-RV and I’m trying to get some writing done since I do not speak a lick of english and it’s better than sitting in silence while this poor guy drives me from the border. But I can’t help but be distracted because: 1. There is this GORGEOUS mountain range to my right, 2. He is driving so fast and honking so much I keep checking to make sure we aren’t dying or something.. trying not to even look because I know this is just “how they do it” but my goodness, and 3. Motorcycle taxi’s keep passing us with the biggest loads on the back that no matter how many times I see it I have to analyse how this is even possible. I’m talking like 6 flats of fruit behind this man, just rolling down the street on his little dirt bike.

So, I was just about to go across the street to grab some supplies in the DR before getting on the road and was feeling like such a local walking down the street to the “Staples” in Santiago. When I approached the corner I stood their waiting patiently to cross the street, when I realized – there is no stop sign. They just honk real loud as they’re crossing the intersection so that any oncoming traffic knows their coming. I am gonna have to throw myself in front of some on coming traffic to get across this road. And in the spirit of a true J-walker I strolled across like I did it everyday (praying that someone didn’t come flying) and into the store. Where again, I couldn’t describe or mime the word “envelope” and took me forever to get Jen some envelopes.

When I first went to Haiti I was surprised by what I was surprised by. It wasn’t really the poverty or the heat or the homeless kids or the lack of just about everything that we throw away daily at home or the sickness or the lack of health care or even the men digging trenches with sticks.

What I was ultimately amazed by were the gracious women at Danita’s Children and how they deal with the tasks of juggling kids and everything else that takes place in Haiti. A whole new excitement with each day.

It’s never like, O man I need to get groceries and pick up so and so from soccer practice, then I just don’t have time to get to the bank, O woe is me.

Visiting a boy and his mom in the hospital.

It’s more like, well, I just sat in on so and so’s brain surgery and now I’m going down to the banana tree and turn left until I get to the white fence with the goats and I’m gonna get some goods for so and so and his mom because they’re both HIV positive and in the hospital with tuberculosis, but on the way I’m gonna stop by their house because now her young daughter is running the house since she’s gone…. o, just all in a days work.

A little different lifestyle, huh?

Some days I just walk around and watch. Watch people survive. Watch them make the best of their situations. Watch kids smile and laugh and play  bathe in the rain gutters. Watch families cook their dinner outside on a fire. And think to myself, maybe it’s just really not that deep, after all.



One thought on “Heading Out.

  1. Great job again! You put things in “perspective” once again! I burried my grandma today and in the midst of “my” small tragedy realize others have it worse!

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