Photo of the Day/Cutest Thing Ever

I was working in our office when our oldest boy Robenson came in with a little girl from our Kindergarden.

She had an open wound on her arm and she was scared (you know how it is in Kindergarden – you don’t know anyone, everything is a little intimidating, and for these kids it’s the first time they’re expected to use a toilet, much less be around so many white people everyday). That’s a lot of pressure for a 4 year-old.

So she remembered Robenson from another day so she left her class in search of him. She went all the way across the property and into his classroom so that he could bandage up her wound.

The cutest part is that he loved it! He felt so honored that she looked up to him enough to come and find him for help. He even got down the colored band aides so that he could give her purple bandages.

Pretty much the cutest thing ever and totally made me smile.

Just thought I’d share.




One thought on “Photo of the Day/Cutest Thing Ever

  1. OK…so this is so much proof of the efficacy of what Danita is doing. Seriously. It is awesome to see. I know how I feel when my kids do the little things like this. Danita must be so proud of her kids.

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