Bringing in 24 with a bang!

Its 1 am and I’m sitting in a NYC hotel room that overlooks the bright lights of Time Square, listening to something better known as spanglish and trying to, not only keep up, but learn for DR purposes. Not sure what I’m accomplishing, but I enjoy trying.

Needless to say – this birthday has been one for the books.

24. Sigh. Where does the time go?

Although todays approach had me in a slight depression it was quickly dissolved as I traveled to the concrete jungle with four of my favorite Puerto Ricans and strategically wasted our day away eating a lot, laughing a lot, walking a lot and attending something we like to call the First Annual Shopping Conference. Quick shout out to all the fine NYC employees who made this so much more memorable in their own rude New York way.

I am working on an ipad here so unfortunately you get no pictures until Saturday, but I asssure you that I am thoroughly enjoying my rest in the states. I have no doubt God has amazing things planned for this year. And I suppose also that I was being a little dramatic when I felt like 24 would be complete torture. 🙂 Ive already begun documenting cus I want to remember every little bit!

Next up: Wicked (O gosh Im excited!), sleeping in, Mary Poppins, cart food (hallelujah!) And all of the above eating, laughing, walking and loving life!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me today – I am feeling so special!! And thanks Mom for birthing me on this fateful night 24 years ago – you’re a trooper!

P.S. To the Rivera family: Your mother/wife is a hoot. A hoot, I tell you. I considered writing a post that consists purely of things that.she says throughout our day because, no joke, that woman!

Life is Good,

One thought on “Bringing in 24 with a bang!

  1. Hope…….I am really excited that you had a great time on your 24th B-Day. Celebrate it all week with 4 of the best women that I know. Even if I had to share Mrs. Rivera for a few days. You are experiencing why I love that woman so much. 🙂 I am sure that she is saying the same thing about you. You are an inspiration and a role model not only to kids, but to us adults as well. I pray continued favor and blessings over you life. Keep on living, keep on serving the Kingdom and keep on writing. We love you and enjoy the rest of the week. I am sure it is going to get better. 🙂

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