Signs of Life: Welcome, Baby Christla!


Her eyes lock in when I hold her. Her little hands are so tight they are grey when she is hungry. She sucks on her first two fingers to fall asleep. She began her little life growing inside of her mom who was homeless and forgotten. IMG_0834 Elydia would arrive with her malnourished son – Bergly –  for Baby Rescue, always with her oldest (when I say oldest I mean 7) son carrying their possessions – a red water jug and a tiny black tote for Medika Mamba. When her son Bergly passed away she stress delivered her baby girl, Christla.

IMG_2241  IMG_2397

I’ve always loved the redemption she held in her mother’s grieving, and I love how sweet Christla would, against all opinions, fight for signs of life in those first weeks. It’s been 5 months since Christla stole my heart and I continued to care for her, her mom, and the boys.

Today, Elydia is saying her goodbyes to this world and joining Jesus and her baby boy in the next. When I look at Christla sucking her two little fingers all I can think about is God’s incredible destiny for her: 5 months ago she was struggling for life and God’s perfect plan has strategically placed her in the arms of grace – anchored to hope and a future. She will never know the life of an orphan, she will never know the pain of rejection, she will never wonder who her mother was or if she loved her.

My heart cannot even comprehend. More on this on the other side of processing.

  Photo on 11-4-13 at 11.53 AM #2

I would like to take this moment to officially introduce the newest member of the Danita’s Children family – Christla Francois!!

Easy to say (and I won’t deny it) I’m obsessed. God has heard one of my deepest prayers.

Plenty of amazing pictures to come. Trust. Plenty.


4 thoughts on “Signs of Life: Welcome, Baby Christla!

  1. I’ve read this blog a few times today. It truly warms my heart to know the type of love and security that Christla will now know. My recent trip to Haiti was filled with so many emotions and a new understanding of our worlds orphan problem. Holding Christla was one of those moments in my life that made a mark that can never be erased. She was so sleepy yet her little eyes wanted to keep soaking up her surroundings. She was only 8 weeks old yet so alert. My heart filled with so much love and sadness at the same time. I had to go find a quiet place to cry and pray. Christla has remained in my heart and prayers. I am so thrilled that she is safe and secure. The fact that her mother was able to take her new journey with Christ knowing that her precious child would be safe and well loved is the most wonderful gift she could have been given before departing this world. Thank you God! Thank you Danita, Hope and all of the DC staff!!

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