About Me.


Who knew it would be so hard to figure out what it is ‘about me’ that I would like to share. I’m rather complex.

I can tell you simply that I love Jesus. I grew up a small town girl in the woods of East Texas, among all that it entails – guns, and four wheelers, and football games. Jesus captured my heart at 19 and I never even made an attempt to get it back.

Today I live in Central Florida and work on the staff of an up-and-coming church plant in Lakeland called Free Life Chapel. It’s where it’s at, truly, check it out.

I just relocated to Florida from North-East Haiti where I lived at an orphanage (Danita’s Children) and shared a simple and poured out life with some of the greatest friends I know to date. Yes, it is a land of dust and sweat and no electricity and crazy days and uncomfortable nights; and I’m pretty sure it’s located somewhere incredibly close to the sun. However, to be there is to be home. Unfortunately, I left Haiti but my heart forgot to come along. It is still there, awaiting my return. I could never describe to you, and never expected to know, the depth of gratitude that accompanies the love I have for the children there who are family to me. I couldn’t ever be more grateful for the place that they all have claimed in my heart..

Other than that it’s pretty standard: I like shopping, coffee, and great chick flicks that are thoroughly predictable – they get me every time! I am inspired by discipline, have a heart for the sovereignty of Israel, I am on a journey of fitness (and by george it is a toughie), and I am continually reminding myself that I’m a work in progress.

His grace is sufficient.

I am 26 and have been on a mission to live my twenties with great abandon. I’ve traveled the world. I have loved, I have lost, and I can confidently say that God has been the greatest source to my soul. Life isn’t easy, but in sum: the answer is courage. Courage to live it differently. In the scheme of twenty somethings I am like a grandmother, so hear me when I say – it’s worth it. Make the hard sacrifices early, because you really will reap the fruit long after.

Hit me up, I would love to chat.

Love, Hope


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