Honorary Texan.

“Most peole say that Texans are prideful. I just call it good common sense.” – Myself

One of our girls spent a couple of days in the hospital in the Dominican Republic. We were told she had Malaria, but it turns out that it was a kidney infection or something. The day that she was discharged the border was already closed so she was able to spend the night in Dajabon at the mission house.

She was just happy as a clam and got some hardcore attention for the night. When you live in a house with so many girls any one-on-one time is just the bees knees. Although we have one of the best southern mothers here visiting us whose ministry is to cook us delicious meals each night, Midaline ultimately opted for the good Haitian traditional – beans and rice. However, her life was a little brighter when she was introduced to fresh brewed sweet tea. The real deal – none of that, just add some sugar to it as you want it mumbo jumbo.

I painted her nails, had great food and sweets and even got to sleep in my bed for the night.

We had some Disney DVDs and things, but they weren’t up to our little girl’s desires. When asked what it is that the sweet Haitian girl wanted she boldly declared, “Walker!”

I mean can you blame the girl. The action. The intensity. Chuck Norris for goodness sake. She can’t speak a lick of English. Can barely speak Creole, actually, but ole girl knew about some Walker Texas Ranger.

She knew every character on the show and names them whenever they come on the screen: “Look, there’s Alex, there’s Trivette, there’s Walker, there’s CD.”

Sigh… I guess there’s a little Texan in all of us.

Goodnight, folks! Were off to watch Season 5.