Easter 2011: The Preparation Pt.II

Previously on Easter 2011: The Preparation…

….So after much debate about the dangers of a young girl at the Brandon mall at 6am by herself and many restrictions and laws laid down by the powers at be of Free Life Chapel, guess who gets to rock out to Carrie Underwood with some Dunkin Donuts at 5 am? Ya, that’s right. Your’s truly. …

Upon arrival to the Brandon Town Center, the “crew” as I call them, were already forming their line. I jumped right in (a little against the laws laid down, but don’t tell – the rule was don’t be there with less than two people, and I wasn’t. But the rule also was to wait for the daylight to come before i got out of the car, and i was.)


So lets get back to the story and just slide right by that last paragraph.

The long and short of it is that they gave me the run down of how it all worked and also that they had all been lining up everyday for a week and got nothing (do they have jobs? Do they not have jobs? We don’t know) so don’t get my hopes up.

I sat in my spot and put my make-up on, checked e-mails, read a little iBooks, and waited until 8 when the mall employee hearded us like cattle into the next waiting area – a roped off box in front of the apple store – longing and lusting after the big white logo above the doorway – while the employees were inside just pointing and mocking us. Ok, so I made that part up but “the crew” was really getting fussy that they were taking longer than usual to reveal the daily delivery.

When the moment came everybody got all silent and a little awkward. I felt as if i were part if that old short story everyone read in grade school, “The Lottery”. You know where they all have to pick out of the black box and everyone is gossiping about the outcome. Fourth in line (big shout out to half way breaking rules) I got the fourth card for a 16G iPad 2, thank you very much! Only thing was that it didn’t have 3G access, and we we’re realllyy wanting our newcomer to have access to 3G, but I remained thankful, took the RSVP card and went about my business. I didn’t even say bye to the crew, they all hung around and showed each other their little tabs, as if they were about to get into the Chocolate Factory or something.

By the time Pastor Cindy hustled about, performing her many early morning tasks, and made her way to pay for the new prize, she just so asked in conversation for our sales rep to check the back one more time for an iPad 2 with 3G access and guess what – you’re not gonna believe it – yep, uh huh, he came out with a box in his hand.

So super pumped that that company never came to pick up their order, which allowed us the iPad 2, we were able to get the Mac daddy (no pun intended) – everything we asked for – with a special invitation for set-up so that the winner doesn’t have to randomly figure it all out.

Needless to say, Cindy Thomas and I walked out of that store doing the happy dance.

No seriously, we were. People were staring.


Easter 2011: The Preparation

April 19, Tuesday night

Tonight was just spent running around in search of iPads, bikes, Nintendo DS, etc.. only to find out that they were out or didn’t know when they were available (every Wal-mart, Target and Best Buy in the Central Florida area has heard my voice) or only had the most expensive version (convenient!). Then picking out two bikes, having them put up front, filling the buggy with 50 bubble sticks and 50 bags of play dough (which the kids are gonna love!) after the employee had to dig more out of the back – because what kid wants grey play dough – and of course was invited to experience FLC worship in the process, only to find out that it’s about a 10 year process for a tax ID number to be entered and couldn’t purchase any of it anyways.

Ok, maybe 10 years is a small exaggeration. But thats not the point.

All after midnight, i might add.

I love these kinds of nights.

At the end of Tuesday (I still say Tuesday even though it was after midnight.. I go by the “it isn’t the next day until you fall asleep” rule), we left with one iPad2.

BUT, a vital tip off that the apple store in Brandon gets a shipment of iPads in every morning and people line up outside of the store at 6am to see what came in that day – could be 20, could be 2 – and hopefully walk away with a new toy.

Therefore, after much debate about the dangers of a young girl at the Brandon mall at 6am by herself and many restrictions and laws laid down by the powers at be of Free Life Chapel, guess who gets to rock out to Carrie Underwood with some Dunkin Donuts at 5 am? Ya, that’s right. Your’s truly.

As you have read before, I LOVE driving early in the morning. I don’t love waking up early, but once I’m on the road and there is that eery calm, I couldn’t be better. Then it just gets hot and it’s not that great anymore. But for that “moment” it’s all worth it.

Behind the Scenes: FLC Staff Meeting

I love sitting here in staff meeting, being the stalker that I am.. I think it’s becoming a sickness really. There are actually times of my day that I experience in blog form. Like I am writing them as they play out.

I know, I know, I am a complete weirdo.

Literally, for a couple of hours I am listening to the staff gush – gush – over loving our volunteers and families and amazing experiences that have taken place from the previous service. Each staff member talks about their duties or what they oversee, who helped made it happen and how great they were.

Then went through each step of the service and gave stories – horror and hero – of what happened, who was involved, how it was great and how to make it better the next time.

Then the usual, things coming up and how each person can help.

What was truly awesome to hear was the conversation of those who were not able to make it or had something amazing happen in their lives that week. Like particular people, and what is going on in their lives, or if they need prayer. It isn’t often that a large and quickly growing church is able to still see the single sheep.

And there is something to be said about a large and quickly growing church that still cares, very deeply, to do take the time to do so. Just saying.

l am honored to be a part of this house, talking with so many people who are so driven with pure hearts to serve – no matter where it is, who they are (pastor, graphics, intern, and everyone in between), or what the sacrifice is – to see the vision of the house come together.

Just thought i would throw that out there this Tuesday afternoon.

I ABSOLUTELY love this place! Be Blessed!

CRIBS: My Edition

My mom keeps wanting to see where I live – sleep and eat and whatnot.


This is my crib.

Living Room

I am a solo – recently graduated – student at heart, with no room mate (not even a dog). So to have a huge apartment is just unnecessary. However, I do reside in a pretty dandy little studio that is just e-nough for a gal like me. Located one block from Lake Hollingsworth (which would be so nice and convenient if I actually ran around it… any takers? Running buddy?) and sits on top of a laundry room/garage and right next to a spanish home. I say it has four mini-rooms, but it’s actually one room and a bathroom – you would never know – except for that I just told you.

My mornings usually start out looking like this:

You know they always show the pantry and fridge on Cribs, but I was a little ashamed because my cooking trials have gotten me NOWHERE! So expensive to mess up fresh food.

You know you’re a typical twenty-something when the pantry looks like this: chips, peanut butter and condiments. But – but – the best part about it – Teavana.

It’s like my new addiction. That and Italian Ice. The best tea E-VER! This pantry is complete with only that. Go – they will mix a unique blend just for you!

The fridge: Yep, pretty much nothing. Some left overs, a bottle of root beer (I really wanted a root beer float the other day) and a bunch of bottled water for the road. That’s about it. Seriously, that’s it.

I’m really determined to eventually getting a well rounded knowledge of how to fill it and use the things I fill it with before they are wasted. Speaking of, this is where that is supposed to take place. It doesn’t always happen It never happens, but many pasta and sauce dinners, as well as, Ramen Noodle entrees have been created there – delectable if I do say so myself. And I do.

This is where the scheduling happens: on the fridge door. Speaking of what’s on the fridge door , big shout out to my friends on the fridge door – Bree and Rick – soon to be the Mendoza, Jr.’s. Just throwin’ that out there.

This is where the magical dreams happen – or not – because I seem to never get to sleep until the crack of dawn, and by that time there isn’t time for dreams.

My favorite parts of this room is the random tiny little gold wire star hanging from the closet door, and the canvas picture on the dresser.

I can remember the day I got that star – it was for Christmas when I was in late middle school and it had lip gloss and stuff in it. I have no clue how I still have it, but that little star has made it with me every time I have moved and to every new bedroom I’ve ever had. That’s like over 6 places since middle school. The picture is on a canvas of a Muslim girl who’s striking eyes were featured on the cover of a National Geographic’s magazine years ago. I loved the photo and have such a soft place in my heart for the culture so when I found it at a little airy street market I was instantly in love with it. I don’t know how I fit it into my carry on without stabbing the canvas, but now that it’s mine I really treasure it.

I really need to clean this bad boy out, especially before I head out this summer, but I don’t really want to right now. I have no idea how I fit everything into this little guy, but it is done… along with three plastic tubs under my bed and a dresser… I make it happen. I am a jeans girls deep in my soul, actually on the surface too, pretty much what I always wear; and everyday I pretty much pull each one of these pair out to see which I wanna wear, so clearly I need a better system because folding them every time is not always fun.

Last, but not least – actually maybe least because it’s tiny – the bathroom.

I love the picture above my toilet, all girly and lacy. My bathroom is black, grey, silver and purple. And it’s full of everything a girl loves – make-up, jewelry, hair accessories, and these adorable little pictures of my niece playing dress-up and make-up with me a few years ago – I so cherish those moments with her.

So that’s, that. Nothing too jazzy, but it’s home.

It’s transitional home, and I think that’s what I love most about it. Just perfect until the next.

Well…. you don’t have to go home… but you gotta get up outa here!!