Behind the Scenes: FLC Staff Meeting

I love sitting here in staff meeting, being the stalker that I am.. I think it’s becoming a sickness really. There are actually times of my day that I experience in blog form. Like I am writing them as they play out.

I know, I know, I am a complete weirdo.

Literally, for a couple of hours I am listening to the staff gush – gush – over loving our volunteers and families and amazing experiences that have taken place from the previous service. Each staff member talks about their duties or what they oversee, who helped made it happen and how great they were.

Then went through each step of the service and gave stories – horror and hero – of what happened, who was involved, how it was great and how to make it better the next time.

Then the usual, things coming up and how each person can help.

What was truly awesome to hear was the conversation of those who were not able to make it or had something amazing happen in their lives that week. Like particular people, and what is going on in their lives, or if they need prayer. It isn’t often that a large and quickly growing church is able to still see the single sheep.

And there is something to be said about a large and quickly growing church that still cares, very deeply, to do take the time to do so. Just saying.

l am honored to be a part of this house, talking with so many people who are so driven with pure hearts to serve – no matter where it is, who they are (pastor, graphics, intern, and everyone in between), or what the sacrifice is – to see the vision of the house come together.

Just thought i would throw that out there this Tuesday afternoon.

I ABSOLUTELY love this place! Be Blessed!