Hope to Haiti

I am leaving for Haiti this morning. I packed up four suitcases (and a “personal item” aka hugest bag I could find) and at the very end, with not a single bit of space left and every bag weighing 48 pounds, I realized that I needed a nice pair of shoes for church. So I did what any sensible girl would do in order to not give up what she wanted to pack. I wore the heels traveling.

Arriving at TPA was fabulous in my LBD and heels because I had someone special helping me, but was so not the same when I arrived in the Dominincan Republic and was alone. I can only imagine that I looked like Paris Hilton (or whatever DR diva they all know) pushing my 5 bags, by myself, in my heels. I wanted to keep saying IT’S ALL FOR ORPHANS… NOT JUST ME…. COME ON PEOPLE… I AM NOT THAT GIRL!

I made it into the taxi (the drivers are so sweet, they wanna open the door and put me in the back and shut the door while they pack the suitcases into the trunk and I’m all freaked out and paranoid because of the movie Taken so I wanna watch every move they make, just to make sure.) and to the hotel Hodelpa and checked in with only spanish phrases like, Hola… como estas? No habla espanol.. no se…

I’m not gonna lie, before I go to bed I’m gonna google some phrases so it’s not a completely awkward 3 hour drive to the border.

Once in my room with heels finally off, I had to check the first things first.

Do they watch the Bachelorette in Domincan?

and, yes they do.


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